Jambiya Dagger

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Culture: Moroccan
  • Measurements: Overall length: 14”; blade length: 8 1/4”

This particular dagger features a beautifully detailed silvered hilt and scabbard, which protects the fine Damascus steel blade. 

Source: Copyright © 2014 M.S. Rau Antiques

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Raouche Sea Rocks, Lebanon
Tareq Al-Obaid

صخرة الوشة إحدى أهم معالم لبنان
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The Women Warriors of Syria

  • Rana, 20 years old, student. Rana, a member of the only all-female fighting unit of the Free Syrian Army, standing inside a secret command outpost in the city of Aleppo says: “What choice do we have?”
  • Om Ahmad, 72 years old, housewife with 3 children: “My house in Dar’a was destroyed by 2 bombs…I moved to Aleppo with my family, I chose to pick up a weapon and fight the regime.”
  • Ali, 16 years old, student: “The West sees no problem in Syria, while we beg for their support, our children, friends and family are being punished, for no reason.”
  • Om Faraj, 30 years old housewife, no children: “Being mistreated by a regime security guard in front of my husband was the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to my family, I picked up a weapon, I joined the fight.”
  • Benifet Ikhla, 27 years old, widow with 6 children: “I fight for life and freedom, I fight to prove that woman and man are equal.”
  • Khansa, 42 years old, married, howsewife with 7 children: “I feel optimistic, we will defeat the regime, put an end to poverty and mistreatment.”
  • Amal, 30 years old, married, housewife with 3 children: “I’m sincere to God, that is all I need and want, the rest will come with time.”
  • Fadwa, 20 years old, widow with 3 children: “My husband died on the front lines, I will die on the front lines, may God help us.”

(Photos: Sebastiano Tomada / Sipa USA)

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Footprints-Erg Chebbi Sand Dunes | Morocco (by mikemellinger)

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The Dark Side of the Pyramid | Egypt by Marco Carmassi

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